Annabelle Doll is a hundred year old Victorian china doll, who is currents owned by Kate Palmer. She is very adventurous and courageous and enjoys exploring and freedom. Annabelle also has a certain talent for getting herself in sticky situations, but always manages to find a way out.


Made in london, England in 1896, Annabelle was given to a young Gertrude Cox by her father along with the rest of The Doll Family. She was then passed down to Grandma Katherine who painted her hair green, and then to Katherine's daughter Annie.  It was during her time with Katherine that Annabelle lost her closest relative Auntie Sarah. Finally Annabelle was passed down to Annie's daughter Kate Palmer who currently ownes her.

It was Annabelle who began the search for Auntie Sarah again fifty years after her disappearance, and on one of this trips she discovered the Funcraft family. Her and Tiffany Funcraft became best friends, and the two of them together found and returned Auntie Sarah.

Doll friends

Annabelle and Tiffany

A few months later Annabelle and Tiffany found themselves mistakenly taken to Kate Palmer's school, where they explored some, but when they went to return to Kate's Backpack they climbed in the wrong one and were taken to Callie Gordon's house where they met many new doll friends including Mean Mimi. Upon returning home they found they had unknowingly transported Mimi home with them, a very dangerous thing for Mimi had no respect for the Doll Code of Honor. In the end Mimi put herself in Doll State and Annabelle had once more saved her family.

The next year Annabelle discovered a package containing her long lost sister Tilly May Doll, and fearing she would loose her forever ran away with her along with Tiffany, her brother Bobby Doll and Baily Funcraft. The five of them found themselves in a superstore called McGinitie’s where the three Doll children were put on sale. It was soon realized dolls were disappearing so Annabelle organized search parties, but she was soon broken by a spoiled girl and taken to the Doll Hospital where she found the missing dolls and her hand was repaired. She then was able to return home with her siblings and friends and welcome her new sister to the family.

Appearance Edit


Annabelle in color

Annabelle is a average sized child doll house doll made of porcelian. Her hair, orignally blonde until painted green by Katherine, is shoulder length with a pink bow on top. Her dress is a floor length cream colored gown with lace trimming and a pink sash around the waist.