Bobby is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Doll. He, like his sister Annabelle and Aunt Sarah , is more adventerous then the rest of his family. He enjoys willderness books and information, a passion his closest friend Baily Funcraft shares.


Bobby was made in the late 1890's at Wilson & Sons Doll store in London along with the rest of his family, and given to a young Gertrude Cox  as a present from her father William Seaborn Cox

In 2001 Bobby left the Doll house willingly for the first time in his life in search of his missing Auntie Sarah, but instead found the Funcraft family, a gift to his owner's little sister Nora Palmer. Baily and he quickly became best friends. 

Over a year after meeting the Funcrafts, Bobby's long lost little sister Tilly May Doll suddenly showed up at the house. Annabelle ran away with Tilly, and Bobby, along with Baily followed them to keep them safe. Baily and he used their wilderness survival skills to help the girls make camp the night. The next day he and the group found themselves at McGinitie’s Department Store. It was then that Bobby was seperated from Baily and sent to a class case to be sold. In the evenings Bobby, along with Baily, led the Baily Boys, a group to help search the store for the recently missing dolls. When his sister Annabelle was broken and taken to the Doll Hospital, Bobby took care of Tilly May and went on the rescue mission to free her. In the end, Bobby made it home safetly with the older children, but was grounded for running away. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bobby, like the rest of his family, is a fair skinned, porcelan doll. He has red hair like his father, and he wears it brushed over to the side. He wears a white sailor suit, with a blue and white striped undershirt, and black shorts.