Father of Tiffany, Baily and Baby Brittney Funcraft as well as husband of Mom Funcraft. He, along with the rest of his family was given to Nora Palmer for her fifth birthday. Dad is known to be very reckless and wild, but can be serious when need be, especially when it comes to the safety of his kids. 

He went exploring the Palmer House with the rest of the adults in search of the missing children during the events of The Runaway Dolls. He was put into Doll State with the other adults when seen by the house sitter. He awoke from doll state to find the missing children had returned home.

Physical Apperance Edit

Dad is a simple, modern, plastic doll dressed in a blue shirt, with a white collar, and red tie. He wears red shoes, and has neatly kept brown hair, which his children seem to have inherited.