Annabelle Doll taking the oath.

I (Dolls Name), an avowed member of the race of dolls, do hereby promise to protect our secret life by upholding the Doll Code Of Honor in accordance with its everlasting law.

This is the oath all dolls take when they are finished being made if they want to be a living doll. It means that if any doll does something that could put the race of dolls in jeapordy of being explosed, they risk being turned back into an ordinary, lifeless doll. The term for temporary lifelessness is called Doll State and it last for 24 hours. The doll can not move one inch of there body, only think. If a doll does something so dramatic and intentionaly that puts all doll in serious danger of exposure that doll goes into Perminant Doll State or PDS. They are considered to be unworthy of having the life of a living doll and thus that privlage is revoked. The only doll ever known for this to have happened to is Mean Mimi.

It is said that action figures and barbies never take the oath.