History of the Palmers and Dolls

  • 1896: William Seaborn Cox sent for a fully furnished dollhouse and doll family from Wilson & Sons catalogue No. 60 in London, England for his daughter Gertrude
  • 1898: The Doll Family and fully furnished doll house arrive at the Cox’s House and are given to Gertrude.
  • 1931: A working miniature fountain pen is added to the home
  • 1933: A miniature version of National Geographic is added to the home.
  • 1934 (approx.) Grandma Katherine paints Annabelle Doll’s hair green.
  • 1955:
  • 1970’s: *Greatest Hits of the Sixties music book is added.
  • Lava Lamp is added to the home.
  • 1990’s: Lava Lamp is removed by Annie Palmer.
  • 2000:
    • Nora Palmer receives the Funcraft family for her birthday, and become the only other living dolls in the house.
    • Auntie Sarah is found in the attic.
    • Annabelle and Tiffany are accidentally taken to school with Kate Palmer, then to Callie Gordon’s home. They return home with a stole away Mean Mimi, who attempts to uncover the dolls as living but is then sent into permanent Doll State.
  • 2001:
    • Tilly May Doll is found at Wilsons & Sons and is shipped to the Palmers. After Annabelle, Tiffany, Baily and Bobby run away with Tilly to save her. They soon return back home.
    • Tilly May is added to the Dolly Family
    • A new crib is bought for the nursery.