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Tree Climber Tree Climber 18 October 2016

New Doll People Picture Book!

Ann M Martin and Laura Goodwin have done it again! Along with artist Brian Selznik they have just release the latest addition to The Doll People Series "The Doll People's Christmas". Differing from t…

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Tree Climber Tree Climber 28 October 2014

The Doll People have Set Sail once again!

The Doll People Set Sail was just released October 14th and is now the fourth book in The Doll People Series. It takes the Doll and Funcraft families on a grand adventure on the high seas! Read it fo…

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Tree Climber Tree Climber 12 July 2013

Book 4!

Ann M Martin has confirmed she will be writing a fourth Doll People book! It is to be titled "The Doll People Set Sail" and is set to be published in Fall 2014. I will keep you updated pf any further…

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