The PJ Party Pals are three dolls who belong to Callie Gordon. Their individual names are Penny, Beth and Yvonne.


The PJ Party Pals, along with Callie's other dolls, were continously harassed by Mean Mimi until the weekend that Annabelle Doll and Tiffany Funcraft were accidentally brought to their owner's house. When Mimi launched her usual attack on them, Annabelle successfully convinced Sleeping Billy and the Sandra Doll not to follow the mean doll any longer and Tiffany unmasked Techno-Man, relieving their enemy of her followers. Later on, the Sandra Doll and Sleeping Billy became friends with the PJ Party Pals and their friends.


The dolls all look the same, excepting their skin tone, hair and the color of their pajamas. Beth's are blue, Penny's are pink and Yvonne's are yellow.