The Sandra Doll 
Sandra Doll
was one of the dolls who was formerly under Mean Mimi's control. She only obeyed Mimi because she had her favorite blanket in her possession. On the weekend that Annabelle Doll and Tiffany Funcraft were mistakenly brought to her house, Sandra initially helped the mean doll in the usual battle against the others by kicking things over. However, once Annabelle realized that she only wanted her blanket, she had The PJ Party Pals take it and give it to her, which left Mimi with no leverage. After the former had stormed off, the Sandra Doll returned and helped the other dolls to tidy up BJ's room. Her size came in handy when they needed to put the lid back on Carl the lizard's terrarium.


The Sandra Doll is a large doll with curly hair. She wears an overcoat, socks and a pair of Mary-Jane shoes, all of which seemed to be the perfect size for Nora Palmer to Annabelle.