Matilda May Doll (Tilly) is the long-lost daughter of The Doll Family. She is the daughter of Mama and Papa Doll, the sister of Annabelle, Bobby, and Baby Betsy, and the niece of Auntie Sarah and Uncle Doll. Tilly is very curious, always asking questions, and not at all shy and enjoys meeting new people. She is very loving and has a especially close bond to her sister Annabelle.


Tilly May was made in Wilson & Sons doll shop in London, England and was meant to be sent to the Palmer Family for the doll maker had discovered he had sent the wrong baby doll but was dropped behind a piece of furniture in the shop and left there for 100 years. When she was eventually found by the original doll makers great grandson, she was shipped to the address on the package, which was fortunately still the Palmer House. When she arrived Annabelle, her older sister, found her, and fearing that she would be sent back to London she ran away with her, along with Tiffany Funcraft, a day later they found themselves, along with Bobby Doll and Baily Funcraft in a superstore called McGinitie’s, where they were to be sold. Eventually they escaped and returned to the Palmer House, where Tilly May was found by the Palmers and was put in the dollhouse with the rest of the Doll family. She was accepted quickly and lovingly into the family and Kate even went to buy her a new crib that very day.



Tilly in color

Tilly May bears much resemblance to her older sister Annabelle with her blonde hair, creamy skin, and rosey cheeks. She wears a high waisted, white, children's dress  trimmed in pink and coming down to her ankles. Tilly also wears a white bonnet with pink trim and tie which she is very protective of.